Comprehensive reimbursement services customized to your needs

A national account manager will work with you to address your reimbursement requests through the following services:

  • Managed care update to highlight local, regional, and national reimbursement trends
  • Situational assessment working with your finance and clinical teams to help identify your facility’s current reimbursement strategies regarding INOMAX
  • Strategic assessment to develop recommendations and best practices for your revenue cycle team to help optimize appropriate INOMAX reimbursement
  • Long-term support facilitating periodic reviews to foster continuous improvement to your processes

5 steps to reimbursement

  1. Document and code. Verify that prescribing physicians have adequately documented the order for INOMAX in the patient chart and that the medical records department recognizes the order and uses the ICD-10 procedure code, which is 3E0F7SD.
  2. Review contracts. Review contracts of top payers for specific clauses pertaining to high-cost pharmaceuticals. If these clauses exist, identify the payer’s coding requirements.
  3. Review Chargemaster. 
Appropriately code and capture all charges associated with INOMAX. Ensure that all the appropriate codes are identified and entered into the Chargemaster.
  4. Develop managed care contract strategy.
 Negotiate special provisions in the managed care contracts of high-cost pharmaceuticals and orphan drugs. Three types of contract-provisional clauses that apply to INOMAX are carve-outs, cost outliers, and stop-loss thresholds.
  5. Monitor reimbursement. 
To ensure contracted reimbursement, compare actual payments to specified agreement terms.

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