INOmax DSIR® Plus MRI helps maintain care in the MRI suite

Prioritize safety and convenience with the INOmax DSIR Plus MRI at your patients’ most critical moments. Specifically designed to enable uninterrupted drug delivery in the MRI suite, the INOmax DSIR Plus MRI is the latest innovation in patient care and practitioner convenience. Learn how to operate this unit.

INOmax DSIR Plus MRI retains all of the functionality of the INOmax DSIR Plus and allows magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner suite use with key adaptive features. The INOmax DSIR Plus MRI is MR Conditional with MR scanners of 1.5 or 3.0 Tesla strength ONLY in areas where the field strength is less than 100 gauss. Roll over the delivery system to see its features.


Longer tubing and cable

Allow easy positioning outside the exclusion zone, enabling MR scan use in the MR suite without disconnecting the patient from INOMAX® therapy.

INOmax DSIR Plus MRI delivery systems are designed with functionality that supports quality care and patient safety

  • State-of-the-art innovation
  • Compact size and weight (5.3 kg)
  • Easy to use with a battery life up to 6 hours
  • User-friendly, color touch screen interface with multifunction alarms to ensure at-a-glance monitoring
  • Backup NO delivery capability
  • Validated with 3 ventilators that are commonly used in the MRI suite


The INOmax DSIR Plus MRI is compatible with the ventilation systems listed below:

Ventilators/breathing systems validated for use in the United States
Manufacturer Model MR Conditional
Bio-Med Devices MVP-10
CareFusion (formerly Pulmonetic Systems) LTV 1200 MRI
Maquet SERVO-i
Nasal Cannula Salter Labs, Infant, REF 1601, with 7-foot supply tube (or equivalent)

To find out if your ventilation systems are compatible with INOmax DSIR Plus MRI, or to schedule an appointment with an INOMAX Critical Care Business Manager, call 877-566-9466. For additional information, contact us.