INOcal® NO and NO2 calibration gases for all INOmax DSIR® devices

INOMAX Total Care® is dedicated to providing everything you need for uninterrupted patient care and safety. We offer our own calibration gases for NO and NO2. These NO and NO2 INOcal calibration gases offer precise calibration for accurate delivery of INOMAX®.

INOcal refillable cylinder specs

INOcal Canisters
Available in eco-friendly, refillable cylinders.
  • Two-year expiration dating
  • CGA 625 outlet connection on valve
  • 14.25” tall (with valve) and 3.1875” diameter
  • 550 psig minimal (600 psig max)
  • 45 ppm (+/- 4%) NO
  • 10 ppm (+/- 10%) NO2
  • Refillable

As part of our commitment to you, we will pick up all empty or expired INOcal cylinders for disposal or refill.