Uninterrupted innovation in critical care

The challenges you face in the NICU are changing every day, so you need the support of a team of researchers and engineers dedicated to deliver the tools that can meet your pursuit of continuous care. We advance our delivery systems forward with relentless commitment to responsive design, hospital need, and professional input. Count on the INOmax DSIR® line of delivery systems for innovation and performance to perpetually meet your needs at your patient’s most critical moments.

The INOmax DSIR and DSIR Plus are validated with multiple noninvasive ventilation systems.

Meeting your needs at your patient’s most critical moments

  • INOmax DSIR® Plus

    The latest innovation for INOMAX® (nitric oxide) gas, for inhalation delivery, this advanced model includes intuitive design and upgraded patient safety features.

  • INOmax DSIR® Plus MRI

    Bringing INOMAX delivery to the MRI suite with GAUSS ALERT™ magnetic field strength alarm systems and other innovative safety and convenience features.

  • INOmax DSIR ®

    The standard of care for INOMAX delivery, the original design is efficient, highly functional, and designed to accommodate the limited space and weight in a helicopter or ambulance.

  • Delivery systems in the DSIR family are equipped with state-of-the-art patient safety and alarm features