INOMAX selectively dilates the pulmonary vasculature


Inhalation of INOMAX offers selective activity

  • When inhaled, nitric oxide selectively dilates the pulmonary vasculature, and because of efficient scavenging by hemoglobin, has minimal effect on the systemic vasculature4
  • Targeted delivery to the pulmonary bed4

Inhalation of INOMAX offers rapid onset

  • INOMAX causes vasodilation in the pulmonary vasculature by increasing cGMP levels through the activation of guanylate cyclase4
  • Clinical responses seen in as little as 30 minutes11

Inhalation of INOMAX offers rapid inactivation

  • Short half-life minimizes systemic effects4,12
  • Rapid metabolism in the blood converts nitric oxide to metabolites that are predominantly cleared by the kidneys4

Methemoglobinemia is a dose-dependent side effect of inhaled nitric oxide therapy. Therefore, methemoglobin levels should be monitored during INOMAX administration.

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